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Imagine an industry where in just a few years, the number of companies drops from eighty to just three. And all of this against the backdrop of the rise in the Internet, digital video and 3D technology in homes. It is difficult to conceive the efforts they must have made to survive. In this book, we’ll take a look at several firms that reinvested themselves in order to grow. S3 was the pioneer in selling cheap 2D accelerators. The firm tried their luck with 3D and ended up developing integrated chips. Number Nine’s shining glory, despite being the most famous when it comes to 2D, came when it became the US Federal Aviation Administration's approved supplier. Bitboys focused on 3D and was the butt of many jokes, but was only successful in the mobile phone market. However, Imagination Technology, which took the lion's share of this market, remains operational. In turn, Matrox lurched from one area of expertise to another: starting out with cards, then game development before switching to focusing on professional solutions, such as billboards for department stores. For the first time, this book brings together the birth, fall and resurgence of these companies, forgotten by many, but whose impact on the technology market cannot be denied. 

The Legacy of the Forgotten

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